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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Broken Crayons

We love crayons. The bright colors, the smell of the wax when you open a new box. They are so simple, and so fun! We color with them, like they are designed for, but we do lots of other things too. Remember the old shaved-crayon-ironed-onto-waxpaper craft? How about crayon candles or leaf rubbings?

Then there is crayon paper peeling - this is a huge activity in our house. I will come downstairs to find the entire floor beneath our table littered with tiny flecks of colored paper, and only one page partly colored in.
By the way - yes, my kids are wearing white fabric scraps in that photo - they were pretending to be "Romans soldiers who fight the bad guys" I would explain it more, but I never did get the whole story.

Like every other house containing young kids, our house has hundreds, okay, maybe hundreds of thousands of broken crayons. We are creative - we love to play with our art supplies - but crayons break, that is just part of the reality of life.

There are dozens of websites out there telling you the exact procedure for reusing crayons. Simple. Fun. Recycling.

I thought we were pretty creative with our old crayons . . . And then I saw the work of Herb Williams:

Kinda' puts the tool of preschoolers in a whole new light doesn't it.

1 comment:

Doris said...

I'll take my grandchildrens art work anyday over Herb what his name. They are sooo special. They look so hard at wook in that picture.