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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 5 of the white dress

Today is Wednesday, and what is my daughter wearing?  The same dress as yesterday, and the day before, and Sunday, and Saturday.  She LOVES wearing her twirly white flower-girl gown.  So far it has gone to the library, the drug-store, the office supply store, the post office, on a walk down our street, to see a magician, and oh yeah, to a wedding.  (Yes, it has been washed - cold water, air dry, no problem!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

The kids were in their uncle's wedding last night.  They are SO excited to have a new Auntie!

At the rehearsal on Thursday, neither one made it up the aisle, so I was convinced that I'd have to carry them to the front of the church during the ceremony - luckily, whatever you expect of kids is the exact opposite of what they will do.  Both of them happily held hands and walked straight to their assigned spot, sat quietly during the ceremony, and then walked back at the appropriate time.  Can you see my mommy pride!

They behaved like gems through the entire ceremony, photos, dinner, and dancing at the reception, staying until the very end (to our delight and surprise).  I realized later, however, that they were a bit more spirited than any of the adults had taken notice of.  Check out this photo - look closely - do you see it?
Yup!  That's my princess - sticking out her tongue at the photographer!  I have no idea how many photos she did this in.  Yikes!
You can dress the kids up, but they are still kids!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Robert Frost's House

Today the kids and I went to Robert Frost's Farm in Derry, NH.  

We have been there several times in the winter (it is fun spot to read "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" or "The Mending Wall"), but this was our first time going on the tour of the house.  At first it was interesting - "Here's the indoor outhouse that they had to shovel out each spring (ewww!) . . . See how small they had to chop the wood to fit into the kitchen stove (very small) . . ." etc., but then we moved into the main part of the house.  

For any of you who visited us on Becker Street - It's the SAME HOUSE flipped backward!  (check out the sketch in the link I posted above)  Not only the layout, but everything: it had the same 2 pane windows, same mouldings around the doorways, same skinny staircase with the same newell post downstairs.  It was eerie!   It's not like this was a tract house, these are 120 year old farmhouses, usually built by the original owner.  Either Sears & Roebuck was selling many of these products, or both houses were built by the same family & friends.  What a strange coincidence.  

The kids had a great time looking at all the "old stuff" and really enjoyed walking on the trails and having a picnic in the field.  The unexpected highlight for both of them was finding a snake that was immediately dubbed "Wallace."  The snake spent over an hour sitting on the stone wall staring at us while we stared back.  Unfortunately, we took a different car today (mine is in for repairs again) so we didn't have our pencils to draw him.  Instead the kids got the thrill of using mom's camera and we took his picure instead.   He is hiding on top with his head to the left of the center rock, and his body on the right.     

Go figure - bring them to a great historical building and what do they enjoy the most?  Being outdoors!

Testing 123

Test test test - wish I knew what to write . . .  off to make dinner :-)
Here is what we are having - I love Menus for Moms!