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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learning to see

Vision is something I take for granted. I can see. I don't think about it, I just do it.

Things aren't quite as easy for my daughter. We found out a few months ago that she has several vision problems, none of which involve poor eyesight. Her eyesight itself is actually rather good, as is her comprehension of what she reads, but the process of making her eyes work together is what she struggles with. She crosses her eyes a tiny bit (just like her Grandpa), has trouble tracking (following from one letter to the next), struggles with quickly discerning one shape from another, and a bunch of other issues to a lesser degree. The good news is that she is getting better, much better.

When we started vision therapy I didn't expect much, but I was desperate to find a way to make reading easier for her. Her frustration at "simple" tasks was obvious, and painful to watch.
But now look at this little lady! She is voluntarily picking up tasks that require those vision skills we have been working so hard to help her develop.

I'm a proud momma!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The best toys I never bought

Banging on pots & pans.
It's fun! It's cheap! It's already in the house!
Most importantly, it holds my little girl's attention long enough to keep her from climbing into the oven while Momma tries to cook dinner, grade math, and prevent world war 3 from igniting between siblings.

It is so important to have those super easy/super distracting activities ready for the crazy moments, especially if your house is anything like mine. Around here all those crazy moments seem to happen on top of each other at exactly 5:00, making me one loopy and frustrated lady by the time dinner gets on the table.

A coffee-can & clothespins, scissors & junkmail, chalk markers & a low window - these simple things can save your life, or at least your sanity as a mom.

I recently coordinated a great swap among a few FIAR moms and received a dozen new insta-distraction kits to keep Little-Miss-Into-Everything occupied. Don't they look like fun! I had the hardest time convincing my big kids not to pounce on the mailman each time he walked up to deliver a new box.

The ideas all came from Preschool Activities In A Bag. They are super simple projects (along the lines of pots & pans, but with a bit more style), but the not-so-secret key to success that they share is to work with other moms and plan for the crazy times. We all know that those moments are coming, so take a few minutes and put JUST ONE activity together, but create multiples of that activity and then swap with other moms for their one activity. When the crazy chaos begins you can whip out your stash of pre-made distractions and peace quickly returns to your house.

Plan ahead - genius!
Maybe I should apply this to the rest of my life
. . . hmmm
. . . interesting thought.