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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If You Eat Superglue...

Nothing happens.
Well, almost nothing happens.

If you eat Superglue mom learns that you can voice complete thoughts and communicate your needs clearly. This is what my precious 21 month old told me while spitting violently onto my kitchen floor tonight.
"Urt, Mama. Gloooo... Tuck!"
(Hurt, Momma. Glue... Stuck!)

Yikes! It is a good thing she said something because obviously I wasn't paying attention to the fact that she was SUCKING on a bottle of Superglue.

Frantically wiping her mouth out with one hand, while attempting to prevent her fingers from sticking together by hold her palms open with my other hand wasn't an easy task. We both ended up pretty crusted over with glue by the end of our struggle.

The good news is that saliva causes Superglue to harden instantly, making it nearly impossible for it to go any further into the body than the mouth. She spit out tiny balls of glue for a few minutes, and we washed the inside of her mouth repeatedly with warm water and a washcloth.

She peeled a large chunk of glue off of her lips, but hasn't been so successful with her hands. She keeps coming up to me and asking me to kiss her little glue coated fingers and I am happy to oblige. Poor baby. Unfortunately, the worst of the glue is the hand that she sucks on while trying to fall asleep. I'm hesitant to wash it with acetone to get the glue off because I don't want her to ingest it or spend the evening inhaling acetone fumes. (Only one major toxin exposure per day; new house rule.) We will see how it looks tomorrow. I'm hoping that most of it will peel off on its own.

And now you know what happens if you eat Superglue.

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