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Sunday, February 13, 2011

MeMe and Dirt

"Uh oh! MeMe!" cried my little one from her crib. "MeMe, MeMe, Momma, MeMe!"

To everyone else's ears it was surely a strange combination of sounds. To me it was a very sincere cry that brought both laughter and immediate action. Care to guess what baby needed?


Help with one of her hair ribbons which had come loose.
I know, you almost had it, didn't you.

Obviously this was an issue that needed to be resolved before any napping could occur. I mean really, who can sleep with their hair disheveled! Not my little girl.

Ponytails, ribbons, barrettes and clips are all adored. At some point she learned that when she saw me doing her older sister's hair, she could yell "Me! Me!" and I would put something pretty in her hair. If it works, and it gets you what you need, it becomes a word, so "MeMe" became her word for both pretty and hair clips.

She has several other customized words but I think the hands down family favorite has to be "Dirt" aka. Dessert. A 1 year old running through the house yelling "dirt, dirt" is uproariously funny to my crew. They ask her to say it all the time. So often in fact, that she is slowly beginning to realize how to say it correctly.

Drat. Don't learn too quickly little one!
I love those baby words.

1 comment:

Rena said...

Those baby are so adorable and disappear all too quickly. So cute!