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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

The kids were in their uncle's wedding last night.  They are SO excited to have a new Auntie!

At the rehearsal on Thursday, neither one made it up the aisle, so I was convinced that I'd have to carry them to the front of the church during the ceremony - luckily, whatever you expect of kids is the exact opposite of what they will do.  Both of them happily held hands and walked straight to their assigned spot, sat quietly during the ceremony, and then walked back at the appropriate time.  Can you see my mommy pride!

They behaved like gems through the entire ceremony, photos, dinner, and dancing at the reception, staying until the very end (to our delight and surprise).  I realized later, however, that they were a bit more spirited than any of the adults had taken notice of.  Check out this photo - look closely - do you see it?
Yup!  That's my princess - sticking out her tongue at the photographer!  I have no idea how many photos she did this in.  Yikes!
You can dress the kids up, but they are still kids!


Doris said...

That picture is definately a Hallmark moment. However, it was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time. The kids did a great job going down the aisle and showed everyone up with their dancing skills.

Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan & Aliya said...

The pictures are so cute!!! So is the comment about gettting dressed! Thank you so much for the wedding pics...please feel free to post more!!!! Love you!