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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Silver Spoon

Ever heard the idiom "Born with a silver spoon in your mouth?"

In our family the kids aren't necessarily born with a silver spoon - but it is the first spoon that they eat off of. This is one of the many benefits of having an amazingly talented precious metal artist in the family. I love Irene's work.

Our little girl had her first taste of solid food this week.
Following the tradition in our family, Daddy gave her the first bite. Everyone had fun watching and she seemed to like it.

Then big girl wanted a turn to help.

The kids were curious about the cereal and both asked to try it.
Their verdict: "It doesn't taste like anything."

Okay, maybe she is a bit spoiled. Do you have your own servant waiting to wipe your face?

How about someone to whisper encouragingly when you don't get it right the first time?

Definitely pampered!

1 comment:

Viktoria said...

That was adorable!