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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I got a text from my sister last night.  She said that she was feeling guilty because she hadn't sent all of her thank-you notes out yet.  This is the sister whose family just LOST HALF THEIR HOUSE in a tornado last month.  Ummmm . . . really . . . you are stressed about mail?  Believe me, nobody has noticed, nor do they care that they haven't received a card.  

Why do we do this to ourselves  ?  ?  ?

They say that the most common emotion felt by women is guilt.  At any given time in our lives we ladies are feeling guilty about at least two things.  I believe it.  Don't you?  Think about it for a second - see I told you, there are a few things hanging over your head right now that you feel guilty about.  Something you did, or didn't do, promised yourself you would do, or wish you hadn't done.  

Personally, one of the things I often feel guilty about is the phone.  I stink at returning phone calls.  Really, I am horrible at it.  I don't know why.  

I have had a "to call" list sitting on my countertop since the beginning of summer.  Wanna' know how many calls I have made?  2 - two measly calls.  Some gals mercifully called me on their own, knowing that I am like this, but I bet there are others who think I fell off the planet or was abducted by aliens. 

I guess it is just human nature but we always wish we had more time, or were capable of being more perfect than we really are.  

So, let go of that unnecessary guilt.   Laugh a little . . .
You have better things to stress about.   Oh, and if you are waiting for a call from me . . . don't hold your breath.

1 comment:

Doris said...

Great picture...great blog!
Now I won't feel "guilty" about calling you because you didn't call me back :)