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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If you know anything about me, you know that I adore my sisters.  
  • I love spending time with them, talking with them, sharing complaints, excitement, and laughs.  I love that they will drop everything they have planned for the day, simply to listen to me whine about a broken car or sick children.  
  • I love that we don't have to DO anything to enjoy our time together.   In the same way, I love that we don't have to say anything.  I love that we can sit together and say nothing, but enjoy every minute. 
  • I love our inside jokes     Wear food!  Silver moon boots!  Shake break! - yeah, I know you don't get it, but my sisters do.
  •  I love that we can be honest with each other . . . in everything . . . without worrying about how it will be received.  (conversations that go something like this: Sweetheart, that dress is a bit small - wanna' borrow my red one?)  
  • Oooh speaking of that , I love the revolving closet of clothes that we all share.  
  • I love that we are so entirely different, but still very much the same. 

When we were expecting our youngest I waited anxiously for the day of our ultrasound.  I knew that I'd be happy to see that the baby was healthy, but I was secretly (or not so secretly) hoping to find out that we would have another baby girl.    I couldn't imagine my oldest growing up without a sister to giggle with, so seeing that she would gain a permanent girl-friend made me all kinds of happy.  

It is fun watching my little girls begin to bond.  My oldest has instituted "baby school."  She brings her toys to the baby and lies on the floor explaining in depth what the toy is, how to use it, and why she thinks that it would be fun for a baby.  In this way she has introduced her to books, "jewels," music boxes, string, and dozens of other random household items.  

She hangs her favorite toys  (these are ancient egyptian figurines) on baby's bouncy seat . . .
Includes her in big-kid games like catch . . . 
Shares treasures . . .
Chats and giggles with her . . .
And encourages her to do new things like lifting her head or rolling over.

In the future they will certainly go through rough spots, learning to share toys, or coping with each other's not-so-great boyfriends (yikes!) but in the end, they will giggle and forget what they were upset about in the first place.  They have each other.  That is what having a sister is all about!


The Newells said...

I love it!!!!!!!

Doris said...

Your kids have a great examples of both parents having good relationships with their families, I can only foresee the same for them. Alison is such a "little mommy" to Aubrey. She is so cute.
I seem to remember someone else who liked to be a "little mommy" :)

Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said...

I love this post! I don't know what I would do with out you and jen. Having best friends that have been their since day one, is one of the best blessings that God has given me. I love you big sis and I am so happy that your girls have eachother to do the "sister thing" with!