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Monday, August 4, 2008


Have you ever been so tired that you couldn't keep your eyes open? So tired that everything annoys you, nothing goes right, and even when you get your way, it still doesn't make you happy?

Our youngest was having one of those days yesterday. He missed his nap, his sister was still grumpy from the medication she has been taking, and nothing could please him. My solution - Call in reinforcements (aka. Daddy)!  His solution - bring the child along as he worked on our landscaping.

The result:

Psalm 127:2 "He grants sleep to those he loves."

Here are a few more photos that prove the same point.

Isn't the sleep of a child amazing? They are utterly confident. Assured that the world and everything in it will be perfectly fine while they rest. - - - Then they wake, and the chaos begins again.


Doris said...

So precious!

Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan & Aliya said...

I love it! Sleep is such a wonderful thing for both the mom and the child!