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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay, so my nomination for the "slacker mom of the year" award has officially been withdrawn - finally!

After years of procrastination, we have just now hosted a dedication ceremony our 3 year old son. Why did it take so long? I really don't know. We dedicated our first child within months of her birth, but for some reason never seemed to get around to it for our 2nd. We talked about it several times, but it never seemed important enough to follow through with.

Boy were we wrong!

Our little one was dedicated this past Saturday, and I am SO glad that we did it. It is so moving to 
  • Formally take the time to thank God for the precious gift of our sweet boy
  • Publicly declare our intentions to raise him in a Christ centered home
  • Re-commit ourselves to abide by biblical principles in our home so that the environment that our children experience every day is a reflection of Christ's love
  • Re-commit ourselves to personally grow closer to the Lord so that we can continue to lead and teach our children as they grow
In addition, our pastor asked the congregation to raise their hands if they were willing to pray for us and our son. What a joy it is to see people promise to support you!

My little guy then wiggled and squirmed through a very profound prayer covering topics ranging from his character, friendships, schooling, possible future military service, all the way through to his future spouse and children.

About a half hour later (after another dedication and 4 baptisms), as if in comic relief, my princess melted into a puddle of tears wailing that "they all prayed for him, but nobody prayed for me!"

What kind of parent could love or pray for one child more than another? 
I'll have to get out those dedication pictures from when she was a tiny infant to show her the love and devotion she inspires.

No more slacking! I'll get those photo albums out tonight - or tomorrow, she's asleep already - or maybe the next day, tomorrow's schedule looks full. Uh, oh! Maybe my nomination shouldn't be removed quite yet. At least my intentions are good!

1 comment:

Doris said...

It was certainly a special time on Saturday to witness the baptisms and Jonathan's dedication. We were so happy to be a part of it and will do our part to lift your children up in prayer and be a witness to them. I Praise God that Jonathan and Alison have you and Peter for parents. Parents who not only love God but also serve Him and glorify Him.