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Saturday, August 16, 2008



or those of you who subscribe to this site via: RSS feed, I apologize for the strange postings that you will see. I have been making changes to our HTML, and because I am (very obviously) not a computer person, some of my methods are a bit awkward. They get the job done though! Thanks for your patience.

If you'd like to, feel free to check out my Edit site - where I've posted all the instructions for the goofy stuff I've been learning (or trying to learn).


Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said...

yourblog looks great! and thanks for all the helpful yips! love you big sis!!

Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said...

can you tell I am typing with a baby in my lap...sorry about all the crazy words!!!!