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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Listening to Mom

I love that my mom is still busy parenting me.
  • When my kids are sick, she calls to make sure that they are improving and to suggest ways to make them more comfortable.
  • She babysits at the drop of a hat.
  • She calls from the store to see if there is anything that we need or to let me know about a sale.
  • She is there to listen when I need a safe place to break down - and to set me straight when I am worried about nothing.
  • She is always so gently leading and teaching me when I need it.
And, best of all,
  • She tells me to take care of myself. "You sound tired. Maybe you should go to bed early tonight."
Aahh... I love those words!

I hear her words, and then I hear them coming out of my own mouth, telling my kids to be careful on icy steps or to speak kindly to one another. It is funny how often I think "Mom would . . ." and it makes me smile. My 6 year old, on the other hand, doesn't always think that my mom's words are as great as I do "You sound tired. Maybe you should go to bed early tonight." Just doesn't have the same ring to little ears.

I guess that is the sign of a having really great mom - when you intentionally think though situations and wonder, "What would Mom do?"

I am so thankful for my mom and her wise yet gentle guidance!

1 comment:

Doris said...

Thank you so much for the sweet thoughts. You make me feel so special.