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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Do This

By sharing this story I am going to inevitably make myself look like an absolute moron, so in my own defense let me start with a quick disclaimer: I have been sick with the world's worst stomach flu for the past 6 days and have been functioning in a severely dehydrated and malnourished state, which is obviously affecting my decision making. At least, I hope it is, because I am fearful of our future if this is me at peak mental performance.
Tonight while getting the kids ready for bed my husband opened up the window in my daughter's room. When I walked in I could smell construction waste burning. (Remember, we have been under construction for almost 13 years, so it is a very familiar scent.) Considering that we have two new houses being built nearby, this didn't concern me too much.

I read the kids their story, tucked in the baby, snuggled with my little boy, and then walked back into my oldest daughter's room to turn off her lights and kiss her goodnight. She complained that her nightlight was too bright so I reached down to move it but had to pull my hand away.

The wall was scorching hot! Not just behind the bulb, but for a good 8 inches to either side and above it. The paint had already begun to bubble away from the sheetrock and a frightening charr-black circle told of near disaster!

Oh my! That construction waste scent - that was my daughter's bedroom slowly igniting. Thank goodness she mentioned something or we would have been frantically dealing with a house fire in the middle of the night. Not just a house fire, but one that would have started in my precious daughter's bedroom, at night, right beside her bed!

So here is the embarrassing confession that I warned you about:

Earlier this evening while the kids were brushing their teeth, my oldest asked me to replace the bulb in her nightlight. We didn't have any new nightlight bulbs, but we did have some other small base bulbs and I grabbed one without checking its wattage, popped it in, and sent her on her way.

It was a 40 watt bulb.

I am officially an idiot.

Thankfully, God's provision covers idiots.


Mrs. Goedecke said...

I am thankful that your son is an aspiring light bulb expert--I'd hire him anytime! =) Believe me, if you are an "official idiot"...then you are the smartest "idiot" I've ever met!? he he love ya, Vik

Sheryl said...

Ahh, you're right. I should have just hired the expert. I obviously needed the help of a professional. :oP

Doris said...

Praising God for your safety. Lesson learned...never ask an adult to do the job of a 6 year old. Sorry Sheryl, we might as well find some humor in this. :)