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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Art is Messy

It is. In fact, sometimes it is very messy, and it is easy to use that messy-ness as an excuse to avoid playing with art supplies.

First you have to drag out all the supplies, then you spend time doing the project, and then, just when you think you are done, the adorable little artists lift their finished masterpiece off of the table and reveal this:
"Gah!!!" Oops, I mean, "Nice work honey. Now would you please hang up your project and then bring me the box for the pastels, and the broom, and a hot soapy rag, and ... oh, no, your shirt is a mess, could you get a new one ... no, wait, please don't touch the walls, quick run to the bathroom and wash up and then and then help your sister ... then come back here and hopefully we can get all of this cleaned up before Daddy gets home from work."

When my kids were tiny I used to tape their art paper directly to the wall of our shower, strip them down and let them make all of their messes right there. Then I could wash them and the tub all at the same time. Unfortunately, they have grown out of that stage, but I still want them to have the freedom to create messes, despite my general loathing of the clean-up process.

So I created a group. This is my new solution to everything. If I can't be accountable to do it alone, I drag other unsuspecting parents into my plight with me. We meet every month, study an artist, create a mess (that isn't in my house) and they all stay to help me clean it up before we leave. Sketch has been a God-send this year.

Ha, take that messy art projects!

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