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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Rainy Day

Remember last week when I was reminiscing about childhood fun with maple helicopters?  Well, they aren't fun as anymore.  

This morning I was walking from my kitchen to the dining room when I felt a large SPLAT on the top of my head.  Huh???  I immediately phoned my husband.  He drove home and began hurrying around the house trying to figure out where the leak was coming from.  He poked holes in the ceiling, checked any obvious plumbing joints, and then looked up at our roof.  Yup, you guessed it, the gutters had become blocked with thousands of helicopters.  So this is how he spent the morning:
Luckily his hard work seemed to solve the leak.  Hopefully this week's FIAR nature study won't be so dramatic.

This week Leanne suggested that we study birds.  Well, with rain forecasted for the next 4 days, we aren't going to be seeing too many birds today, so I asked my oldest if she wanted to write a story about something she has seen at our birdfeeder.  I expected a story about birds, but that isn't what I got.  Here is her funny handiwork:

The Lost Suet Feeder and the Naughty, Naughty Squirrel
by A (6)
It was a rainy day.  I went outside and saw no suet feeder, but then I found the feeder on the ground.  I went to get it.  My feet got clean because the water falled like rain.  Then I grabbed it and ran back home inside.  I was clean as a whistle.  I looked at the feeder and saw that it was chewed, and I didn't know who chewed it.  I thought.  It must have been a naughty squirrel.  

We have to have a new string.  A really really strong one . . . tough.  We could use a tough rope that squirrels and chipmunks can't chew it.  We could use the old chain!  The chain that held the swingset together.  The squirrel can chew it but the feeder will never fall again.  The birds will feel good.  They will like it when they see the suet feeder fixed, but the naughty squirrels will be angry.


Leanne said...

Awesome story = looks like you have a writer.

Glad getting outdoors sparked a story.

Love Leanne

Doris said...

She is so creative. I love it.