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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love my Dad

I love my dad's sense of humor, especially when it comes to creative gift wrapping involving rolls of duct tape.

I love that my dad would often spend half of his lunch hour driving just so that he could spend the other half with me.

I love that my dad knows my heart so well that before my sweetheart could work up the courage to ask for my hand in marriage, my dad gave him a ladder for Christmas and told him to "take the hint."

I love that he calls me to make sure that my mom is okay even though he sees her every single day of his life.

I love my dad's deep desire to serve the Lord, his dedication to his mission, and his amazing ability to explain complicated Biblical lessons to me in a way that makes it easy for me to grasp the point.

I love my dad's sentimental side. That he still has the valentine that I made for him in 4th grade (or maybe 5th - I don't remember, but I'm sure he does) hanging in his closet, and that he carries our pictures in his wallet.

I love that he would often take our family for rides "to the Mountains" or "to the Beach" and he would barely even stop the car at the destination. His goal was to spend time together, not to get to a tourist site.

I love that my Dad has modeled for me by his faithful example, how to love my husband, parent my children, and live my faith. 

I love that when I was just learning to drive he took me to the mall parking lot and allowed me to drive around, and around, and around, and around . . . without once yelping or trying to put on the imaginary brakes, even though he wanted to. (the yelping and braking were Mom's department)

I love that he never thought of his girls as "just girls" and he happily brought us along to Star Wars movies, camping, or to the rock swap.

I love that my dad took the time to write me my very own paraphrase of Proverbs for my wedding day.

I love, love, LOVE that he would let my mom sleep in and would chat with us while he made his famous Saturday morning coffee cake.  YUM!  

I love that he loves my kids and has fun playing with them and giving them "huggles." 

I love that he still refers to me and my sisters as "my girls." It makes me feel as if I am part of something special.

I love that he has always made me feel safe, just by his presence.

I love you Daddy!  Happy Father's Day.

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