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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enjoying the Lake

I love the funny way that babies look when you scrunch them into a lifejacket - and holding them is even funnier.  It is like trying to hold a giant wiggly basketball on your lap.  Not the easiest of tasks.  

So far the fishing has been lousy - but we still don't have our licenses yet, so that's probably a good thing.  
Camp is a great place to rest - especially when there is a cozy warm newborn snuggling up with you.  I think all of us have taken a turn "helping" the baby to take her nap.

This is the greatest place to really get out and enjoy nature.  Since watching the dragonfly metamorphoses last year, we now seem to spot them everywhere.  We have discovered that you can easily hold them while they finish filling out and drying their wings.  It is so exciting to watch as they take flight for the first time.

That is our phoebe who decided to build her nest in the boat house.  Unfortunately, it usually gets too hot in there for the babies to survive, but with all of the rain and cold weather this year, they might have a chance.

We saw a juvenile bald eagle on blueberry island last year (my oldest has been using the eagle's feather as a part of her favorite costume) and this year we were excited to see that it had found a mate and was building a nest on the island.  We haven't seen either of them in a few weeks.  Hopefully they won't be too bothered by the boat traffic.  Oh, and if you can't picture just how large and high the nest is, here is a photo of the entire island.  The nest is on the top of the third tree in.


Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said...

These pictures are wonderful! They make me want to be at the camp!!!

Doris said...

Such a fun and peaceful place.