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Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you know what today is?

A cause for celebration in our house. Any guesses?
Snow! - What you don't see it? Yes, we are celebrating the fact that approximately 12 flakes fell from the sky in our backyard. You should have heard the chaos when my big girl spotted it. Whoops! Cheers of "It's ski season! It's ski season!" Chairs squeeking as they were pushed away from the table! The sound of elephants stampeding as the kids rushed to the window. General mayhem all around.

There was no way to keep them indoors so out they went to enjoy the 2 remaining flakes. They asked for snowpants - I bartered with them and we settled on Yes to hot chocolate but No to ski pants. I'm a softie :o)
Baby preferred to watch the chaos through the window. I don't blame her. It was nutty out there!
Just wait and see what we can do with two dozen flakes!

1 comment:

Doris said...

Such fun and what a terrific snow day snack