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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marco Island

My mind is a little mushy after traveling with little ones, so I asked my daughter to share the highlights of our trip. She happily dictated this list of "best stuff."

So according to my 7 year old, the best things about our trip to Florida are:
  • Getting snacks in little packages
  • Walking through the rain, thunder, and lightning and getting very wet
  • Going into new bathrooms (only a child would say this - lol)
  • Flying on a plane
  • Going through the metal detector
  • Getting a new stuffed camel
  • Getting lost and taking the wrong road
  • Momma being silly
  • Learning how to dive and swim underwater
  • Eating crabs inside their exoskeletons (honestly, where does she get this stuff?)
  • Watching TV in bed
  • Staying up late with Daddy
  • Taking a shower with soap shaped like seashells
  • Getting stickers from the airport police
  • Seeing the blue lights when the police talked to Mom (nothing major, I forgot to turn on the headlights in our rental car)
  • Making new friends
  • Collecting seashells
  • Seeing dolphins
  • Going to the bathroom on a boat (Not sure what it is she has about the bathrooms)
  • The big water-slide
  • Being able to swim every day
  • Going in the big big big big house (our friend's parents invited us over for a visit)
  • Getting to carry a key tall week by myself
From her description you would think that we spent most of our vacation in the airport, bathroom, and with the authorities. Sheesh. That's what I get for asking a 7 year old to do my journaling for me.

Aaah, vacation!


Doris said...

Wow! What a great vacation. I do believe the next time you go you will need a "nanny Nana" to help you with all that fun.

Doris said...

I love these photos. I have checked them out so many times I am beginning to feel like I went on vacation with you. Seriously, what a great vacation.