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Sunday, August 16, 2009

4 month old milestones

Our little one has been learning so quickly lately!   At almost 4 months old she is capable of so much more than a few weeks ago.

To my husband's delight, baby took her first swim this weekend. He loves snuggling each of our infants as they warm back up after being dunked in the lake. Too cute!
She loves to "talk" and will happily coo "aaAAHH" or "gih-gih" while gazing happily into the eyes of anyone she can capture.  The best part is that she enjoys mirroring our actions: stick out your tongue, blink your eyes, or say "ooo" and she will happily copy you.  She has also figured out that her voice has VOLUME - we laugh at her funny antics as she practices this new talent.

She has also found her hands and feet.  For a while she was simply transfixed, staring at her fist and watching the fingers move.  Now she is beginning to grab things (sorta' unintentionally, sorta' not) and bring them to her mouth.  It is adorable to see try to chew on her own toes.  

Curiosity is another new phase.  Naps are harder because she is constantly waking to investigate any new sound, movement or breeze that comes her way.  She loves twisting around to see what her brother and sister are up to.  

Baby has also been spending time with her cousin.  They are just adorable together.  I am  amazed at what a difference just a few weeks can make.  You can even see it in the photos; at 4 months, our little one sleeps less, is more alert, more active, and more curious about the things happening around her  

I love these baby milestones.  She is such an individual, and we enjoy watching her learn how to interact with the world around her.

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