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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Can't Believe My Eyebrows!

There are times when I see my children sweetly sleeping in their beds and I know that I am blessed.  I will tuck a wisp of dark hair behind a tiny ear or pull up the blankets to cover my all-too-quickly-growing baby and I think just how amazing is my job of being their mother.  And then they wake up . . .

~  Oldest coming down the stairs after nap. "Mommy, I'm sorry for talking with my mouth full."   Confused, I asked what she was eating and she replied "pretend bread."

~  Son when told he couldn't have a cookie.  "That's not a good punishment.  I want a different one.  When you punish me like that it makes me sad."  

~ Oldest: "Math is fun!" - this can't be my child!

~  Son in very pathetic voice, "I caaaannnn't get dressed.  I'm too cold!"

~ Oldest when leaving a toy pyramid for a moment "Mom, please don't lick it while I'm gone."  Umm . . . okay ???

And my favorite silly comment:

~  Oldest when told she could eat at McDonalds,  "I can't believe my eyebrows!"

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