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Friday, July 3, 2009

4 Year Old Fashion

My son has become a fashion curiosity lately.  He is currently wearing lederhosen.  And he is happy.  Not just a little happy, but that 4-year-old thrilled-with-everything-life-has-to-offer kind of happy.  He is happy because his outfit has green piping (his favorite color).  He is happy because he is wearing something that causes adults to stop and talk to him in the grocery store.  He is happy because he chose this outfit himself.
Yesterday he wore two ties and a puffy down coat (it is summer!).  The day before it was three ties but I forgot to take his photo.  

And before that, it was overalls with a sweatshirt AND a sweater vest - backwards.

Before that?  Jeans, a collared shirt, a tie, suspenders, a belt, baby shirt clips, and a broom tucked into a backpack (yes he really did wear all of this for hours and hours).  

Wanna' know why he is so snazzy and pleased with himself?  Because Mom finally released control.  Yup!  I did it.  I have decided that no matter where we are going or what we have planned, my 4 year old will choose what he wears, and suffer with (or revel in) the result.  It has been a comical journey.  

Oh and what could be better than wearing lederhosen on a random Friday?  How about lederhosen and a color coordinated green cape!  :-)

By the way, just for the record I am currently wearing jeans and a cotton tee-shirt.  They don't make me very happy.  I wish I was 4 again!


Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said...

He is so cute! He doesn't take a bad picture that is for sure. I have to admit, I think there is some fashion potential there. Remember everything that become a style wasn't in style when it started. We may all soon be wearing two ties and brooms with backpacks! He's having fun and you don't have the stress of dressing him. Way to go, you are a super cool mom in the eyes of your little boy!

Doris said...

He is soooo cute he can wear anything. Just look at that smile. Who me?? Look funny??? Nah!! I'm just cute that way it says!!!

Marilynn said...

I didn't realize the lederhosen were a new fashion and we were privileged to see the debut of this fashion statement. Very good blog, btw.