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Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Bike

Okay, so it's not quite new . . . we got it for free . . . from the dump . . . and it needed a few repairs . . . but it is PERFECT for my son. (No comments from the peanut gallery about the 1st child always getting the newest/best/fanciest and the second getting stuff from the dump.   Alright?) 

After my oldest received her bike for her birthday we noticed that our son was excited to learn to ride too. At a recent trip to the dump my husband found this great little bike, all it needed was some new pedals and a pair of training wheels. So for $20 we were able to give my son his own set of wheels.

He was so excited to shop for the parts that we needed, and he insisted that he be allowed to help put them on himself, saying several times "Don't let Daddy put my pedals on while I'm asleep!"

This morning was the big day. Daddy didn't need to be in to work until 10:30, so the kids headed out to the garage with him right after breakfast. They got the training wheels on without a hitch, but unfortunately the pedals were the wrong size and we still need to exchange them.  

J had a great time, and to prove how hard he was working he kept his little tongue sticking out - just like his Dad unconsciously does   :-)

And here is the newly renovated bike and it's proud owner.

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