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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Becoming friends

There are many joys that are naturally connected with the process of parenting, but few compare to the heartwarming delight of seeing your children begin the process of creating a lifelong friendship with their new sister. It is such a privilege to be a mom sometimes.

Our oldest has become her sister's "second mommy."  She loves to hold and cuddle baby, and is more than willing to stop whatever she is doing to go and rock the cradle when she hears even the tiniest of whimpers.  She takes this job very seriously, and has attempted to tell me what needs to be done on more than one occasion - sorry kid, I still get to be "first mommy!"  It really is nice to have such a big helper in the house, and I enjoy watching the sweet interactions between my girls.

Our son has taken another route in adjusting to life with baby.   He went through a period of EXTREME hyperactivity, which is entirely out of character for our laid back little guy.  I guess it was his way of reacting to no longer being the baby anymore.  He didn't seem to be actually looking for attention with his funny antics, it was more like random bursts of energy to simply burn off steam.   He is still young enough that he lacks judgement, and we will occasionally catch him poking her in the face or attempting to gently steal the blanket from under her so that he can "give her a better one," but he is learning quickly and his intentions are good.   He will be a very protective big brother once he figures it all out.  He has already begun to settle down, and we enjoy watching him dote on his baby sister. 
Here are a few of the most quotable moments since we brought baby home:
Baby sister did it!  
(um, no, I don't think so)

That's not fair!  How come she gets so many snacks and I don't!  
(If you want to have some milk go ahead and pour yourself a glass)

Was I that cute/small/boring/etc. when I was a baby?
(yes sweetie, you were!)


Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said...

Okay...I know I keep saying over and over how cute she is. BUT SHE IS!!! Each picture I see a little more of Aubrey. She is just so adorable. I love these pictures of the kids together. I can remember a very special person being my second mommy! Sheryl, I can not explain how happy I am for you. It is so nice to see them forming that relationship, that you so desperately wanted to give them. It is wonderful! There is nothing else like the best friends that God gives us from day one! I love you big sis!

Jeffrey Morrissette said...

WOW cool blog mrs. mcgyver!