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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funny things kids say

The kids always keep me on my toes. Here are a few of the funniest lines I have heard over the past couple of weeks.
~ J. searching: "Mommy, I lost my gum. I think it is in the basement."

~ A. sheepishly - "Here are the scissors, I don't think they should be upstairs." (long pause) "I cut his hair, but only a little bit."

~ Grandpa G. to J. at a church meeting - "No, it isn't your turn to pull my hair yet, I need to finish praying."
          Okay, I know that this one isn't a kid quote but really . . . not his turn YET???  Is this something we do on a regular basis?

~ J. proudly carrying his mug to the dining room table - "I got toilet water!" When Daddy tried to tell him that this was a bad idea his reply was that it "Tastes nice and fresh!
          UGGH!   It certainly sounded as if he made this determination from personal experience.  
~ J. crying about a lost plastic turtle - "The tooth-fairy took it!  I know she did!  That's not nice!"
Each day is an adventure!

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