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Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Boy Is A Star

My kids love to sing. All the time. Loudly!

Yesterday morning we were jolted awake (at 4:30AM) yet again, by the sound of our little girl entertaining herself with her favorite song:
Little Boy is a Star.
Neigh, Neigh, Neigh, Neigh, Neigh, Neigh.
Now, just to clarify, Little Boy is a horse that she got to ride two years ago when we visited Charmingfare Farm. She has not seen him since, but his gentle nature made such an impression on her that she has immortalized him in song.

To sing this song correctly you need to make sure that your voice is loud enough to carry to the next county. And repeat it . . . at least a few dozen times.

Now, this is not to say that my kids don't sing "normal" songs. I will regularly receive enthusiastic serenades in the car when the two of them collaborate on their own versions of "The Ants go Marching One by One," "Great is thy Faithfulness," or "The Star Spangled Banner." These songs they will sing once or twice (with hilarious changes in the words), and with gusto, but NOTHING like the Little Boy song.

So, for any of you who haven't heard it yet, click on the title of this post above or HERE to listen to today's entry of my little girl's first and favorite composition- and for the full effect, plug it into your ipod and set it to repeat for the next few hours. It will stick in your head permanently - taking up the space that you originally intended to use to remember the grocery list or your own phone number.

No wonder I feel like my brain is swiss cheese!

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