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Thursday, July 10, 2008

MacGyver Cabinet

Do you remember the 80's TV show MacGyver? Basically, it is about the adventures of a very resourceful secret agent who can save the world with a simple paperclip or rolled up newspaper. If you've got 30 min to waste, click here for a flash-back.

Well, every once in a while, I believe that I am married to MacGyver.

For our anniversary a few years ago, I received a small flat-screen television. During renovations it was stored away, but last night my sweetheart finally finished the project he has been working on, and plugged the TV back in. This is not just the normal, hang the TV on the wall kind of thing.

He created a hidden slide-out compartment in the back of one of our upper kitchen cabinets. Inside is the TV, the tuner for our overhead speakers, and space to store the remote. "But," as they say in the commercials "Wait . . . There's More . . ." the interior of the cabinet swivels so that it can be seen from the kitchen or dining room.

Okay, so here is where the MacGyver part comes in. The electrical cords would get all tangled if we were simply pulling and twisting them randomly. So, how did he fix this problem?

An Exhaust Pipe!!! Yup, there are two pieces of the old exhaust pipe from his truck cut to create the swivel mechanism, and the upper one controls the cords.

Recycling at it's best!


Doris said...

That's My son-in-law!! You gotta love him :) He can make a toothpic look good.

Robert said...

But can he figure out why the lawnmower won't start? :) Sorry, Pete. I enjoyed that afternoon of taking apart that lawnmower to figure out that a bug gummed up the fuel cap.