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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Childhood Treasures

Today we were in the grocery store when my daughter suddenly noticed that "Baby-child" was missing.  Her younger brother immediately began to wail, and we spend the next 10 minutes going back through all of the aisles looking for his precious toy.  During this time, my oldest was sadly whimpering "We lost the baby, we lost it, what are we going to do?"  This only added to the torrent of tears from her brother.  I'm sure that several people we passed truly believed that I had misplaced an infant.

I'm happy to report that "Baby-child" the tiny plastic horse with two missing hooves was found - in our own cart, underneath the nectarines.  To my little boy, the joy of this discovery was better than an offer of ice cream.  "Baby-child" is is not just any plastic horse, it is one of his personal treasures.

This crazy event got me to thinking about how unpredictable and amusing kids' preferences can be.  Here is a list of our favorite things:
  • Bare feet
  • Daddy's garage
  • Flowers - not from a florist, the ones found on our dirt pile are the best
  • Music and all of the jumping and spinning it causes
  • Bugs
  • Water (as long as we avoid the word bath)
  • Miniature anything
  • Crafts - the messier the better
  • Banging
And last but not least:
  • "Baby-child" the two legged horse

1 comment:

Vikki said...

That is hilarious! WOW! It seems like the smaller and cuter the toy, the better.