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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Charming snake charmers

This isn't what I expected.

When we invited the cousins over we decided that the boys would go with my husband to move dirt (much more exciting than it sounds ... tractors are involved) and that the girls would play in our backyard. I envisioned the girls feeding the horses, giggling, and creating pretend worlds. What I did not see coming was this:

The ladies played with this snake for so long that it eventually appeared as if it trusted them.  They could put it down, pick it up, pat it on the head, and carry it around without startling it.



The Schlag Family said...

I really can't get over this!!!! They are so much braver then their Auntie Mic (and Uncle Nate for that matter). They are beauriful, smart and fearless girls!

Nikki~Lee said...

Yes I love that girl!! I will have to tell her about the story of when I swang the snake as a little kid:) Love them :)
Miss Nikki