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Thursday, August 26, 2010


We visited Vermont for an anniversary party last weekend. 40 years of marriage is inspiring. My husband's aunt and uncle have been through it all and they still adore one another. It is evident in the way they speak to, and about, each other.

Their home is a labor of love too. Check out these gardens - so many hours, and years of effort. Thoroughly inspiring. I took photos, gathered seeds, and thought to myself ~ I can do this, I can create a beautiful space that will attract dozens of hummingbirds and butterflies. I can take care of a few flowers. I can move rocks and pull weeds. I can. I really can.

Then I got back home where I was hit full in the face with reality. Baby crying. Kids needing attention. Laundry piled knee deep. And there just mocking me was our lawn. A lawn that looks as if we haven't mowed it in 3 weeks . . . um . . . okay so we really haven't touched it in 3 weeks. So what?

My husband knows me enough to build me flower boxes that water themselves because I can't be trusted to keep even a few simple plants alive. Thanks goodness for technology.

So my inspiration was short lived - but the reality is that I truly admire anyone who has the dedication to commit themselves to something long term. Marriages and gardens both take lots of effort and time, but the results are beautiful. My husband will get 40 years of commitment from me (Lord willing he will get even more) but my garden, sadly, hasn't made it that far up the priority list.

Too bad for the garden. I really was inspired - for a moment.

1 comment:

Doris said...

At least your priorities are straight. Husband and family first and then, if you have time, the garden. As you can tell from my house, the flowers and garden don't rank high on the list either. Hey! maybe it's genetic..therefore, not your fault at all. :)