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Friday, May 14, 2010

Favorite Person

There is just something about having a best friend.

Someone to laugh and play with.
Someone who shares your passions.
Someone you want to be close to all the time.
Someone to share life's milestones with.
Someone to aspire to be like and to encourage as she grows.
Someone who knows everything about you.
Someone you know everything about.
Someone you love.
These girls have been best friends from the moment they were born. Okay, so maybe their mommies had a bit to do with it at first, but the fact remains - they adore each other.

Today my little girl was getting dressed for dance class slowly, not because she didn't want to dance, but because we would be driving there alone today. She wanted to be with her cousin. I explained that they would both be in class but we weren't traveling together today. They would see each other in just a few minutes.

My 7 year old sighed a big full body sigh, looked up into my eyes, grabbed my hand and tried to explain the situation as slowly and clearly as she could . . .

"But mom, she is my favorite person. If she isn't with me I really don't think I can ever have fun again!"


Doris said...

Oh my gosh! I love this post. It is great that they are so close.

The Newells said...

Oh my gosh Sheryl--I love this post!!!! What an amazing way for her to explain herself!

Viktoria said...

Yes, I get teary eyed reading this! Love it!

Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said...

So so soooooo cute!!! They are so lucky to have each other. There is nothing like having a best friend from the time you are born. I love it!