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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Rhythm

It is early Thursday morning and I am in my rocking chair with my laptop and a cup of coffee. It is so silent in my home that it almost feels as if I am somewhere else. Somewhere relaxing. A resort with a sunrise view and no important tasks to be done. No laundry running, no bustling around the kitchen or turning the radio on. I don't do any of these things on Thursday mornings. Thursdays are for slowing down.

On Thursdays my husband gets to go into work 3 hours later than usual. This means that our entire family routine also starts later. If I time it right, all of the kids will sleep in later (although the baby was up early this morning with a wet diaper, she is now already back in bed like her siblings), we can have a lazy breakfast together, and the kids will get to help their dad with some small project or other before he has to leave.

I love Thursdays.

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