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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who feeds an infant butter?

We do!
She likes it melted into her rice cereal - and it is with our doctor's and nutritionist's blessing.

At only 8 months old, my sweet baby has been diagnosed as a failure.

Failure to thrive - that is her official diagnosis. She has weighed only 12 pounds since August. Which means that over the past 5 months she hasn't grown at all. No weight, and hardly any height. Not good.

So now we are spending our days rushing from the doctor, to the lab, to the nutritionist, to a cardiac specialist, and back again. All while trying to cram 770 calories a day into our little princess. We don't expect that there are any major health problems. She is just a little girl who needs to be fed more. A lot more. And thanks to some help from professionals and my amazingly generous sister, she is beginning to gain some ground.

Thriving is not something I'm willing to let my baby fail at. So if you pop by for a visit my house may be a mess, but I will not fail this little girl. I've found my "one" thing to focus on for now.


Mrs. Goedecke said...

Eat little one, eat! That's all I seem to want to do lately! Glad things are going better. Hope to see you all soon! Love, Auntie Vikki and future cousin

Robert said...

I just hope she start to gain. I'd hate for you to have to feed her lard.

Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said...

What a cute picture! You are a great mama and I am glad that your little girl is gaining. Celebrate every ounce! You deserve some celebration after your last few weeks of testing and stress. Maybe you could make a cake and feed Aubrey the frosting!! :)

Doris said...

She is so beautiful. With all the wonderful attention she is getting from everyone it won't be long before she is big and strong and tall and fighting off her sigblings