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Monday, March 30, 2009

Recent Adventures

I have been collecting photos of our recent wanderings, but simply haven't gotten around to posting about all that we have been up to, so here is a random  overview of our many adventures that you may or may not have heard about yet.

A trip to the Museum of Science to check out the new exhibit on Frogs - can you see the colorful poison dart frogs in the last photo?

Glass blowing - I am in awe of the skill this takes, and how easy the artists make their craft appear. It was extremely hot in the workshop on the day we visited. It is hard to imagine them working throughout the summer.

A visit to the Audubon Society for a presentation on the owls that live in our area. The most impressive was this Great Horned Owl. At home we studied more about them, even dissecting pellets (the bones left over after an owl's meal). The kids thought this was great fun - I went running for the antiseptic wipes.

We have been seeing lots of signs of spring lately too - hopefully the season decides to stick around for a while.  

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