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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bob the Builder Party

For his 4th birthday my little boy requested a "Bob the Builder" party.  Construction is a theme that this family can really get into - our home is the perfect setting!!! 

Our party started a bit early when Nina and Grandpa arrived with a "project," so decked out in his Bob the Builder overalls and armed with his big-boy tools that he received for christmas, my little guy set to work assembling his new bench.  Since then this bench has become a staple in our kitchen.  It is used to sit on while pulling up socks, and stand on to reach the countertop.  It has been a balance beam, dividing wall, and table.  Who would have realized that four pieces of wood screwed together could be so much fun?

When the rest of the kids arrived we handed out smocks and let them get to work making their own wooden picture frames.  They contentedly sanded, painted, and hammered out their own little masterpieces - I think that they came out quite cute!

Our next activity was a funny timed event that we made up.  The kids were given one kind of food at a time (rice krispy treats, marshmallows, and several different sizes of pretzels), and asked to construct a "structure."  The rice krispy treats made fun bricks, but I probably should have added extra marshmallow because they would have stuck together better - toothpicks solved that problem.  

After "building" our own pizzas, we sang Happy Birthday (my funny birthday boy sang at the top of his lungs for himself) and cut into the cake.  He thought it was fun to have a cake with a tractor and mud puddle in the middle (crushed oreos mixed with pudding and whipped cream with a few gummy worms tossed in for good measure).

Happy Birthday builder boy! ~ You are an inquisitive, sensitive, generous, and thoughtful little boy and I love you very much.   Enjoy being 4 years old!  


Doris said...

It was such a fun birthday party, young and old got to build and play. Sheryl your cake was beautiful as usual. Jonathan, I hope you have a terrific year and build lots of things with your dad.
Now that you are 4 and own your own tools maybe he will allow you to be just like "Bob the Builder" and help fix things around the house. :)

The Newells said...

Happy birthday Jonathan!!!!!