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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Polar Express Pajama Party

Today we celebrated the end of our studies of the Polar region with a Polar Express Pajama Party. It was a perfect activity for "Christmas-Eve-Eve," and a snuggly way to enjoy a snowy morning.

The kids woke up to find the house scattered with train photos and toys, and were so excited about the fun day we had planned with their cousins that they could hardly contain themselves. Getting to spend the day in PJs is such a treat to them.

As the kids arrived my daughter put herself in charge of "selling" them train tickets and making sure that everyone had a number (for the gift bags I will explain later). She had each child sign their name on her chalkboard and asked if they wanted to see her "travel brochure" that she created about the north pole.

After creating our own train collages, everyone piled into the living room for the movie. We created a nest for them out of all of the blankets and pillows we could find tossed on our floor. They all tumbled and toppled over each other as they clamored into what they called their "train."  They were so excited to have their golden tickets punched!

Before we started the movie the kids were told that they would be getting two surprises, but they had to find the right place in the movie before they could open their treat bags. The first was the Hot Chocolate scene (They received mugs for hot cocoa, marshmallows, napkins, and "snowball" cookies), and the second was Santa giving the first gift of Christmas (they received bells and bell-themed song sheets along with a few mini chocolates). You should have heard the ruckus as they found the "hidden" scenes. Everyone started yelling at once "That's it! It's the right picture! We get our bags now?" It was great to feel their excitement. We paused the movie and allowed them to enjoy each of their gifts and activities before getting back to the movie.  It took us several hours to get through the movie!

Afterward we all enjoyed a leisurely lunch together and the kids played happily.  Later that afternoon we had a doctor appointment scheduled and I needed to stop at the post office, but I didn't have the heart to force the kids out of their pajamas, so we simply went as we were. We received a few funny glances, but the kids loved it. It doesn't take much to make their day special.

Pajama Parties may become a standard in our house - low effort and fun, who can ask for better?


Doris said...

I love the "Polar Express" movie and this was such a great fun idea. If you do it next year, I may just have to take a day off from work and join you (pajamas and all).

Sheryl said...

Consider yourself invited!