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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Dance with Cinderella

We traveled to New Jersey for a cousin's wedding this weekend. The highlight, of course, was the reception, where my little ones waited (not so patiently) through the meal for the music to begin.

Have you ever watched a little kid dance? They throw their arms out, twirl in circles, and jump up and down just for the sheer joy of feeling themselves in motion. I love seeing their happy faces, and listening to them giggle as they shower themselves with delight. How sweet the innocence of not knowing that other people may be watching, and not caring if they do. How wonderful to know that their own bodies are the source of so much fun, regardless of the "propriety" of their actions. Asking a new acquaintance to dance or being the first one on the dance floor isn't uncomfortable for them, instead it is a thrill! Life is so simple - Why do we adults complicate it so much?

The little ones go out and dance in their carefree fantastic way, and then the adults join in . . . And we think that we are the ones who teach them about life . . . how wrong we are! What a priveledge it is to have a little one ask you to dance with them. All they want is our attention.

It reminded me of the song Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman (I think you will be able to click to hear it below - I didn't want to auto-start it just in case some of you read this at work)

Here are some of our favorite family photos from the reception!

And of course, the beautiful bride and her new husband. Congratulations!

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