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Friday, September 12, 2008

In love with Mud


few days ago the kids discovered that the large mud puddles in our backyard  that I wrote about earlier are good for more than simple squishing between the toes.  We found them . . . jumping off of a small hill and into the puddle, practicing their "swimming," digging, sculpting, and generally having a wonderful time.  It's one of those things that you just simply can't get away with as an adult, but kinda' wish you could.  

I'm in love with mud,
It's sad, I know, but true.
I just can't help but splash in it,
Or stomp a path right through.

It's sticky and it's dirty,
And it covers all my clothes.
But when I see it lying there,
A voice inside me grows...

...You can't resist, you know I'm right,
It's fun to play in mud!
Look at it just sitting there,
I really think you should!

"I Love to Play In Mud" ©2003 Gareth Lancaster

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